GULFAREEN, a young vivacious spirit, is the eldest in a family of three children who are all hearing impaired. We explore the family’s struggle, which had to relocate to the city in order to have access to the school for their children and how they are barely able to make ends meet on the sole insufficient income of the father. Amidst this, we share her little joys, hopes and dreams along with exploring her confident and outgoing personality as she takes us through her world.

This portrait is one of 4 stories of a larger film in progress from 2011, of a much more extensive film dealing with deeper issues of the hearing impaired in which the characters will also be explored in the present and how their lives evolve over this time period.

Shot at the Bajaj institute of Learning, Dehradoon.

  • Blue Label National Finalist under the documentary category for the 36th Student Emmys (2015)